The Better Side
2D APP Interface Animation
Theattraction - The Better Side is a concept for a whole new theater experience. Delphine Müller, Teresa Gerling, Christian Wolber, Eva Cegrinec, Felix Deister and I develoved it at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt.
In the Better Side you dive into a real immersive adventure story and follow Tim and his brother Ron as they search for Tim's lost girlfriend Ruby. When Ron sees Ruby unconscious and logged into a virtual world he fears the worst and both brothers fellow her virtual path. The visitors become part of the activist group that tries to discover the truth behind Ruby's disappearance.
We moved away from the traditional frontal actor-audience-realtionship by letting the visitors follow the actors, move around in the scene and explore the performance with all their senses. They step into an active exchange with the actors, their fellow audience members and the venue itself. They get riddles, tasks and instructions which add an exit-game-character to our experience.
The whole experience is complemented by the addition of an app that the participiants need to connect with our gamemaster, solve riddles and to keep track of their remaining time.
I've designed the entire visual appearance and animated a walkthrough.
App Design & Animation: Aylin Mirza
Sound/Music: Jan Paschen
App Text: Fellix Deister
Picture Research: Eva Cegrinec
Concept - The Better Side: Delphine Müller, Teresa Gerling, Christian Wolber, Eva Cegrinec, Felix Deister, Aylin Mirza
University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt
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