Zur Sache RP - Jetzt wird's ernst!
2D Live Character
Jetzt wird’s ernst! was a weekly aired political satire format for the SWR television program Zur Sache Rheinland-Pfalz.
At Quadrolux we developed the format where 2D animated Comicfigures interact with the moderator in the real studio.
We used the program Adobe Character Animator to set up our 2D Comic Figures. Each week in the SWR studio we captured  the audio and facial expressions of the actor who played the Comic Figure which where then automatically transformed to the 2D Comic Figure. During the capture we animated the bodymovements. Afterwards we polished everything and cut it all together.
By creating this workflow we were able to produce the format really quick on the broadcast day, so that the latest political content could be part of the satire format.
Behind the Scenes
Digital Production 02 2019
Professional Production 02 2019

Agency: Quadrolux GmbH Mainz
Client: SWR Zur Sache RP
Concept: Melanie Schmidt
Realisation Character Animator & Supervision: Aylin Mirza
Illustration: Mira Schadt, Aylin Mirza, Melanie Schmidt
Animation: Aylin Mirza, Isabelle Laue
Making of Pictures: Anna Sommer
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