Hey! I'm Aylin Mirza. 
I'm a freelance 2D & 3D Motion Designer based in Mainz Germany.
I love to turn ideas into smooth moving images. In the process I enjoy the concept phase as much as the realization part.
If you want to work with me or just want to say hi, please write me. I would be happy to hear from you! 
since 08/2019 Lecturer 2D Animation at the University of Applied Scienes Mainz
03/2018 - 10/2019 Junior - / Art Director Quadrolux Mainz
2015 - 2018 Master of Arts Leadership in the Creative Industries at the University of Applied Scienes Darmstadt
09/2013 - 03/2014 & 10/2016-02/2018 Working Student Animation Artist Quadrolux Mainz
09/2012 - 03/2014 Working Student Online / Photography SWR Mainz (SWR4 & DasDing Mainz)
2011 - 2015 Bachelor of Arts Mediadesign / Time-based Media at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz
Infographic / Explainer concept & animation
Characterdesign, -rigging, -animation
Vector Illustration
Typography animation

Adobe After Effects
Adobe Character Animator
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere
Maxon Cinema 4D
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