The Feast of Flowers
Experimental Poem Visualization
The Feast of Flowers is my bachelor graduation project at the university of Applied Sciences Mainz. It's an experimental poem visualization in which I've used digital double exposures as well as the digital duplication of objects to visualize the different poem lines in an abstract way.
The poem "Das Blumenfest" by Hans Magnus Enzensberger has been shortened, images got shot and combined to a story that shows the struggle of a young woman who tries to win the attention of her crush.
Making Of
Reinterpretation of the shortened poem "The Feast of Flowers" written by Hans Magnus Enzensberger "Das Blumenfest", Hans Magnus Enzensberger
published in: Hans Magnus Enzensberger: "Album", C Suhrkamp Verlag Berlin, 2011. 
English version "The Feast of Flowers" translated by Hans Magnus Enzensberger.

Cast: Bettina Lösch, Davide Daniele Jakubowski
Director, Editor, Visual Effects: Aylin Mirza
Assistant: Maria Kirch
Camera Operator: Kai Gundacker, Niklas Soeder
Assistant Camera: Jan Peters, Jonas Diedrich
Gaffer: Kai Gundacker
Electrician: Jonas Diedrich
Make-Up & Hair: Marieke Beeries
Voice Actress: Abby Rusells
Song: Red - MT. Wolf
Sound Mixer: Yannick Obry
Mentor: Prof. Anja Stöffler
University of Applied Sciences Mainz
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